Cousin Jimmy's gift---Complete

Like many of my pieces, the interplay of dark and glimmer can make them difficult to photograph. I decided in this image to photograph the piece showing the border a bit better. I bordered the piece with what by now feels like a trusty friend, bronze metallic middy braid. I had gotten a massive industrial sized roll several years ago at Tinsel Trading.

I use the braid as an edging so often, because it's easy to use and looks terrific. You can't ask for too much more from a sewing notion .

I had made a foolish attempt to add a layer of fake fur, as a batting of sorts, to give the piece a bit more heft. In case you would have a similar idea. Let me tell you, don't. The nap of the fake fur dragged the three layers all over creation. Undoing a four thread serged edge is not my idea of a good time. So now you know, fake fur makes a bad batting when paired with a rayon and a fake suede. You were probably smart enough to figure that out on your own, and didn't need me to spill the beans.

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