sick sick sick

I haven't been doing all that much sewing for the past several days. My oldest has been hit with an awful ear infection. It takes me back to my days of being the parent of really little children. I have been sitting up nights with my girl as she moans and groans. I haven't seen her this ill in years.

Our family's usual remedy for pain has been little cloth rice filled pillows that we either freeze or microwave and apply on whatever pains us. I threw away our old ones before Passover. My daughter needed a warm compress on her ear. At 1:00am, I wasn't going to sew one. So I went into the pile of laundry awaiting folding and found a cotton sock. I added a cup of rice and knotted the top. Not elegant, but it worked.

My daughter asks for a hot sock as she lies on the couch and we comply.

So three doctors, three antibiotics later, we are still waiting to see real improvement.


  1. Here in AB we use grain. But whether rice or grain that heat can seem heaven sent, particularly when a loving Mom prepares the sock. Sending up prayers for healing.

  2. Thanks Shelley's Garden.She is better, I appreciate the prayers but I think that the three different antibiotics may have had something to do with it.But now her brother is back to the doctor we go ...yet again.

  3. Hope everyone's better soon. As the daughter of a pilot I spent many hours in the air with coffee cups over my ears - with warm moist washcloths in them. Oy.


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