A Dress to Wear at a Wedding

We are attending a wedding in Boston this weekend. We are planning to take the bus. I may be going up early if my mother is being spring from the rehab where she has been recuperating for the past several weeks. My usual wear -to -a -wedding dress needs to be ironed,and won't survive the trip as well packed into the bottom of a suitcase.  I needed a dress that could be thrown in the bottom of a suit case and still look good.

My last Fabric Mart mystery bundle included a soft bamboo knit in beige. On a whim, I had also purchased an Anna Sui lace in black. I realized that I could line the lace with the bamboo knit and end up with a wedding appropriate dress. I decided to make a fixed wrap dress, that is a dress that looks like a wrap dress, and is constructed the same way, but I stitch down the edges of the dress permanently. I have made several dresses just like this.
Here are just two examples

I pt down another of my wrap dresses down on the fabric and used that as my  basic pattern. First I cut the lace, and then i cut out the lining. The lining has lots of stretch to it so I cut it a bit smaller than the lace. I cut fish eye darts in just the lace and not the lining fabric, so the dress actually has some shape to it.

I have to think a bit about what to wear as a wrap. For jewelery, I have lots of bronze colored pearls which will be perfect.

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  1. What a lovely dress...creatively chic, as always!

  2. Thanks Pam...in general I find that simpler works better for me.I fiond that most of my favorite dressy clothes are as comfy ans pajamas, but made out of fancy fabrics.


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