Sewing, but not my own work

My feet are the bane of my life. I have wide feet, high arches and a high instep. If that isn't enough, my feet swell. Often women will describe their feet as being puffy. I'm not talking puffy, I'm talking fat balloons with little puffy toes at the ends.

Summers are especially difficult for me and my sad feet.finding sandals that work is not easy. Usually I wear Born sandals.Mostly they work Earlier in the month, I had purchased a new cute pair, while they fit when they arrived in the mail, I haven't been able to put then on since. . Earlier this week I was out wearing an old standby pair of sandals. .  It was not fun walking around. But while I was suffering, I had an epiphany. I realized that my sandals needed an elastic gusset.

I brought two pairs of sandals into the shoe repair store. I described my plight. The repair man had the narrow elastic needed for my new sandals, but he didn't have the wide elastic for my older red pair. I have a huge roll of  wide elastic in my stash. I brought him a length of it and he went to work.

I picked up both pairs this morning...and they work. Hurray!!!


  1. This little Shabbos blogger is SO doing that to a fab pair of sandals that are too narrow to enjoy...BRILLIANT, SARAH!


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