A morning of Jewelery Repair

My husband had given me this lovely necklace as a gift several years back.
It looks great on and I wore it anytime I needed to look dressed up. The necklace broke a couple of years ago. I felt terrible about it, and carefully sotred away all of the broken pieced of the necklace, but hadn't gotten around to repairing it. Today I took out my box of jewelery supplies and got to work. The beads are so large that it was quick work. I strung the necklace on coated wire and then crimped five beads on either end to hold the whole thing together.

This nifty necklace was a Chanukah gift this year. The links are all made out of different types of chain. This necklace looks great worn as one long loop , looped around my neck tow or three times or even as a Y-shaped necklace. One of the links had fallen open and the clasp had fallen off. I reattached the clasp with new jump rings and repaired the broken chain with a smaller, finer jump ring.


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