A Domestic Interlude

For the next few weeks, all of us will be on the same hemisphere, the same time zone, the same zip code.All under one roof.


  1. YOU must be the happiest Mom in the world today!
    Thank you for posting these pictures!

  2. oh good,I am so glad. They all look so pleased with each other!

    I thought of you with the recent items on the news. glad to know that if there are any retaliations your son isn't there.

    My nephew is off to China next week to the end of the month. He was in Israel around Christmas. I don't think he is going via England this time though.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Beautiful "children," Sarah: they look all grown up! Kisses and a cheek pinch to all--Aunt Beth

  4. It's really nice having all of them home. They are all delightful individually, but somehow better when all together.

    It's good to have them all safe and at home...but that is short lived. Out youngest leaves for camp in a few weeks.

  5. Wonderful for you to have the whole family together for a bit. Great photos, and of course, great kids.


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