And now...take two

of the Ultrasuede challa cover. I added lots more flowers, many of them with my pretty little forget-me-not stamp that I carved out of an eraser. I used Shiva paint stick with the stamp. I love how I can add shading to the stamp. I also painted in lots of details by hand. It never fails to amaze me how a little bit of color variation makes a leaf or flower look much more natural.

I had decided to carve the edge of the edge of the challa cover with a tool I had bought at Michael's. It is an X-acto blade attached to a heating element. I purchased it with the hopes that it would create a really clean edge. Perhaps the Ultrasuede was too thick for the blade, but I found using it to be really frustrating. So I pulled out my trusty soldering iron and found that despite the fat point on the soldering iron, I got a cleaner edge with that tool.

I painted a line of blue around the edge to show that the meandering edge is in fact intentional.
Now I have to wrap up the challa cover and make a card, and make house gifts for our hosts.


  1. Hey, S., just took 1st quick look in a while - super congrats on S coming home! He looks fab'ly adult w. the beard. Madly busy at this end, say Big Hi to all from all of us. X's, DJG.

  2. It's wonbderful having him home. we are just soaking him up for the several weeks that he wil be here.

    love to all


  3. Sarah, I have really enjoyed your blog! This ultrasuede piece is breathtaking. How did you choose the interesting shape? Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us.

    Also best wishes for your mom....very stressful times with loved ones having health issues.

    Interesting that you crave to be creative rather than destructive (eating junk etc) as a coping mechanism.

    You're work amazing. It was fun seeing your thread scarf and read your technique. It's good to be able to see what you are actually doing. I've been reading about it for some time on PR.


  4. Dear Carla-
    thanks so much for your comments... the shape of the piece came from just carving around the edge of the bordser vine.The fact that you don't have to worry about raveling made me think about playing with the edge of the challa cover, making this synthetic fabric look organic.

    my mother is back in the hospital...she was sent home too soon. I just got back from Boston aboit an hour ago. She isn't going to die from this, and she won't be left debilitated, so it's good news.

    As for doing when mother always said that she did her best thinking while vacuuming.

    I remember many years ago my daughter and I had a fight asbout something. we were both sitting at the kitchen table and were both steaming mad. I pulled out some Sculpy and began to work. I gave some to my daughter. We didn't speak, but we both worked away making beads. Both of us produced obsessive detailed beads. We didn't "work out" the issue but working together calmed both of us down. By the time we finished with the beads, neither of us was angry.

    We made lots of beads. I still occasionally use beads from that session in my work. When I find them in my bead stash I always remember that moment fondly. I have no idea what the argument was about...but I have such sweet feelings about that resolution.

    I love using the blog to talk about what I am working's been a good discipline.


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