Making Maya Happy

Maya came by today to check up on my progress on her tallit. When we had first met, she had seemed a bit worried about my ability to actually meet her needs. That made me worried. I really try to keep my clients happy. I work hard on teasing out what their real desires are.

Maya had been following the progress of her tallit here. So when she rang the doorbell, I could see that she was happy. Once she saw the tallit--even in it's unfinished state she began twirling around.

The purpose of today's visit was to figure out what fabric to make the atara/neckband out of. I do some of my best thinking in my sleep. When I woke up this morning I remembered the dark blue silk gazar I have in my stash. I realized that the color was perfect and that the translucent quality of the silk gave the right ethereal look.

When I lay the gazar over the glittery ocean, I realized that the atara would look wonderful if it were placed over more of the couched gold cording. I am going to paint the letters of the verse that Maya chose on the gazar. I will add couched threads to the area under the atara. The gold cord came from Maya's grandmother's stash.The couched threads will sparkle through the gazar.

Looking at the corner pieces, the bright turquoise lookd garish next to the silk that Maya had dyed. so the corner pices will be overlayed with more of the gazar.

Old fashioned story books will descibe the happy maiden being so happy that she clapped and danced with joy. Maya actually did just that. I didn't know that real people actually did that.

maya will see her tallit next, just before her bat-mitzvah, when we tie her tzitzit.

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