Food Friday - thrifty edition

Costco has changed my life. I went earlier in the week, and bought a raft of chicken thighs for prices nearly as inexpensive as non kosher chicken. I also bought a large package of skinny French string beans. I had some of the massive package of dates that I had purchased to make charoset for Passover, as wel as a few sad looking lemons left over from Passover.I roasted the chicken thighs with a shredded fennel bulb, chopped dates and the juice of the lemons.  I just reduced the pan juices with the dregs of white wine our guests brought last Friday night.

The beans were roasted with olive oil and salt. A salad and home made challa round out the meal. Blackberries for dessert.

It's just the three of us for Shabbat this week. Most of the chicken will go into the freezer for another meal.


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