Food Friday - "Hot but so Good"

My family loves watching "The Office" together. We love the show so much that our  vacation before our oldest left for college for the first time was to Scranton, PA where the show is set. 

Yes, we own seasons 1-3 on DVD.  One of our favorite DVD extras is "Kevin Cooks Stuff in the Office". In it, he makes "Quesadilla a la Kevin" . He puts spray cheese on  sour cream and onion potato chips and heats the mixture in the microwave. He proclaims the mixture "Hot, but so good."

I had gone to Costco with my neighbor. She bought a giant package of shredded cheddar cheese. She gave us a gallon bag full, it barely made a dent in her cheese stash. My youngest melted the cheese over Pita chips in a more elegant version of Kevin's snack. It was his go to Shavuot meal.

Today, after school, he bought a package of sour cream and onion chips to try a  more authentic version. It was indeed, hot but good, but also a bit too much. He needed to lie down to recover.


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