Another happy camper (edited to include photos)

Although none of the elements of this tallit are trditional in a tallit, particularly the Guatemalan weaving, the whole piece reads very much as a tallit.

There are several traditional methods to tie tzitzit. Most tallitot employ the wrap method. I prefer to use a half hitch knot on the wraps. For one thing, that ridge of knot spiraling around the tzitzit is just pretty. For another, tzitzit are held during prayer. The ridge of knots also allows the user to focus on the meaning behind each set of knots. We tend to forget , because Judaism is so text rich, what a fully sensory religion it truly is. My clients will always tie the tzitzit with me, and learn the meaning behind the numbers of knots. I assume that as they sit in services in the future and hold their tzitzit, they will remember their time tying them.

Joshua did a pretty good job tying the tzitzit. his mom though was amazing, just zipping along. I know that she used to sew al of her clothes, so I suggested that this was the reason for her skill. She told me that the reason she is so good at doing the knots is that she is a midwife and is used to doing sutures.

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  1. Hi Sarah, I got your link off the creative machine yahoo group. What a beautiful tallit! I'm so impressed! Thanks for linking to your blog.

  2. So glad you found your way here. keep visiting!


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