Not Food friday

My past many posts have been entirely about food. Dayenu! Enough!

Yesterday I got a call from my synagogue. A Torah mantle, not one of mine, was badly in need of repair. Would I fix it? It turned out to be a nice mindless fix. The "dress" had fallen off of the base. I stitched it back on by hand while I watched TV with my husband and my youngest. That was about the amount of brain power I had yesterday.

Our friend, Marcia invited us to join her for dinner. I am supplying some left overs from Seder, some soup, and quinoa. Marcia is making the rest of the meal. She was even nice enough to send her sweet husband over to pick up my contributions to the meal. Today would feel like a vacation day if I weren't working on tax stuff.

I also picked up my new glasses. I have been missing the middle distance in my vision for far too long. It made it hard to do things like go to a museum  ( difficult to read those wall notes), or go to the library, I could only look at books that were on the eye level shelves, or go shopping, it was both hard to see items well but nearly impossible to look at pricetags.

The new glasses are slightly bigger than the old ones.The biggest difference, besides the improvement in vision is that they are progressives. Learning how to see through them properly without getting a bit sea sick is taking a bit of getting used to.

I'm planning to get an extra pair of glassed from one of those discounted places on the web. Have any of you had any experience with any of those sites? Any that you  would suggest????


  1. Sarah - My husband, brother & nephews have all purchased from Zenni Optical & are happy with their glasses. DH got progressives with magnetic clip-on sunglasses for under $75

  2. I've used Zenni twice now and am very happy with my glasses. You can have an actual "wardrobe" at their prices.

  3. Carol gets hers online...I think it's actually called, but maybe that's what she calls it generically. I'll call and check, but she has trifocals, always super nice. hip glam.


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