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My youngest is skinny. So skinny, that the underpants that he began wearing when he moved out of diapers still fit him until just a couple of years ago. He was still wearing the boxers my daughter made for him when he was six, last summer.

Finally he is entering that glorious period of adolescent growth. I'm starting to make him new boxers. My son chose this rayon knit from my stash because it is really soft. The fabric arrived in a Fabric Mart mystery bundle. The elastic, too, came from a Fabric Mart bundle. It even goes with the fabric. I used an existing pair of boxers as the pattern, just a bit longer and a bit wider.

He is going off the over night camp at the end of June. I need to get enough made so he can last between laundry weeks.

I had made three pairs, but one is currently being worn. No, I am not going to ask my son to model his boxers for my blog.

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