Food Friday

One of our dinner guests tonight is a vegetarian. Yeaterday I bought a container of tofu, cut it all up, drained the tofu juice and replaced it with a marinade of soy sauce,olive oil,  fresh ginger and  balsamic vinegar. I put it into the fridge to soak it all that good flavor until I would be baking it today. I hate tofu raw. You may as well chew on dish sponges. It is more tolerable soaked in flavor and baked until crispy.

I was feeling kind, so I also made a bean salad. I threw two cans of beans into a zip lok, squeezed in the juice of a lemon, added some olive oil mustard and cumin and left it until today to finish off.

Last night I was feeling kind of awful. I was freezing cold and was cold despite wearing a wool sweater. I took out a fox coat circa 1968 that a friend had grown tired of, and shivered on the couch under the coat  for the rest of the evening. I even slept in the coat.

My husband was kind enough to do the morning shift and let me sleep in. He hates mornings. This was a huge kindness on his part.

I did need to finish cooking Shabbat dinner though.  I roasted up some potatoes with sliced celery  with Moroccan spices. The chicken is stuffed with celery and mushrooms cooked with white wine (left over from seder). The beans needed both more flavor and more crunch so I threrw a bunch of parsley and a few stalks of celery into the processor, and then added them into the bean salad along with the juice of another lemon.

This week's sorbet is what my mother would call zeh v'zeh a mix of this and that, a bag of frozen strawberries, a few blackberries some of the cranberry orange relish I had made for Passover all cooked together with  some sugar and thickened with a bit of potato starch, also left over from Passover. The mix needed a bit more flavor, so I melted in two quares of chocolate and added a swig of pomegranate moilasses along with dribs and drabs from a few nearly empty bottles of liquer that might be older than I am . The slurry is now swirling away in  my ice cream maker.

And I even made another pair of boxers for my youngest, out of Hawaiian printed cotton in blue.


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