The perfect outfit

Did you ever feel like you were wearing the right outfit, not just for you, but right for the universe? That's exactly what happened to me today. One of my husband's friends was celebrating his 60th birthday with a lunch at one of the fancy restaurants at the Time Warner Center. Lunch in fancy restaurants is not part of my usual routine.

Today was to be the first really warm and perfect spring day. We have just come off a week of truly beastly weather where it was cold , rainy, and windy. You just didn't want to be outside. Today felt like the e.e.cummings poem, In Justspring.

Maybe it is growing up in New England, but for me spring calls for nautical clothing, the same way that the fall cries for tweeds. I had purchased this Nanette Lepore skirt in the fall at my favorite thrift store. I certainly didn't need it, but it was so much fun, and so well made. It was an impulse purchase, but at $8 it was an impulse I could indulge.

The air still has a bit of nippyness despite the sun. So, I wore a nubbly cotton/linen mixed jacket. It was a hand me down from my chic friend Joki, who provides both me and my daughter with endless numbers of adorable black jackets and other fashion goodies. My sister had given me the scarf. I needed to keep my neck warm in the changeable weather. I also wore a pair of short blackcotton gloves with smocking at the wrists. On my feet, were my black elkskin cowboy boots. They are boots truly meant for walking.

After a long winter, I wanted to see signs of spring. I think that my fellow pedestrians on Broadway felt the same way. As I walked from my home in the 90's on Broadway to Columbus Circle two miles south, I kept getting stopped and complimented on what I was wearing and how good I looked.

I'm going to be turning 49 in a few weeks. I am schlepping around too much weight. But I was dressed like the beginning of spring.

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  1. I can relate, I'll be 49 in August. I'm trying to knock off 15 lbs. I'm going on a cruise in June and I know I'll put on some weight then. You outfit is nice!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! No Wonder you had people complimenting you! (Who knew that could happen in NYC!) Very Cute! Thanks for sharing. I know exactly what you mean--just right for the Universe also!


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