Passover table cloth part 2

 Last night I finished darning the cloth. It was much improved.

I then began to tackle the stains. As I was washing up last night, getting ready for bed, I noticed the bottle of  Peroxide. I remembered from my endless reading of helpful hints, that peroxide is a good stain remover. This morning, I dabbed the stains with the peroxide and they were much lighter. I rinsed the peroxided cloth. Then, I soaked the cloth in a weak Borax solution and rinsed it well. 

I hung the cloth to dry over my shower curtain rod with a towel beneath. I thought that I would send the cloth to the dry cleaner to get it pressed. The cloth, after several hours was nearly dry. I thought that I would press it dry and then bring it to the cleaner's.

I used the kitchen table as my pressing surface. There is a cotton cloth on the table. When I was nearly done I noticed, to my horror, teeny spots of ink on the cloth. I used every trick in the book and lightened the ink to a reasonable not quite visible presense on the cloth.


The cloth is now hanging from the shower curtain rod one again. My hands are fried.I will go massage them with lots of Shea butter. Tomorrow, when the cloth is dry ( Did you know it takes an age for linen to dry???) I will attempt once again to bring it to the cleaner's to get ti pressed. Hopefully, there will be no more mishaps along the way.


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