Moving right along

Naomi's tallit is very nearly done. The top stitching is complete. The atara and pinot are completed, but not yet sewn on. I backed the pinot with blue silk from her brother's tallit. It won't really be visible, but it alters the color in a good way. I backed the atara with plan gold metallic silk organza. That will bring a bit more light near Naomi's face.
Today was taken up mostly with domestic tasks. I didn't even get to sit down at the machine until late afternoon.
Part of the domestic activity was dealing with the tail end of a long and complicated event involving my youngest. It makes a mother proud when her child figures out the right thing to do, and does it with grace. It's so nice to see my child grow into a deep human being. The fact that this chain of events also ended with some massive laughter didn't hurt either.


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