Food friday - Pre Passover edition

The house got switched over yesterday. Hmm, that sounds like magical elves showed up and did all of the work. Trust me, there were no elves. Just Patricia, my sainted cleaning woman, and I, working away until the cleaning was done. Then my youngest and I put all of the dairy dishes pots and  in their places.

This morning, before I took my shower, I put up tonight's chicken cooked with sauteed onions, mushrooms and celery flavored with black pepper and balsamic vinegar. Then, I went to the uptown Fairway with my neighbor. It was completely nuts there. I got enough produce to make dinner and get me started on round one of Seder cooking.

I caved. I kept telling my mother that I wasn't going to make chicken soup, but there it is, boiling away on the stove. It won't be as good as my father's but it will have to do. I will make matza balls after Shabbat.

I also made a cole slaw with a home made lemony mayo. It ain't fancy, but it will do.

The figs are soaking in booze so they will be delicious in the Charoset. I will start on the Charoset after Shabbat.

I am about to make a cranberry relish.  Maybe it is growing up so close to cranberry bogs but cranberries seem to be just the thing for the seder table.

The house, not surprisingly, smells really good.


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