Food Friday

A meat loaf the size of Cleveland. Made out of ground chicken and ground turkey. I attempted to both counteract the dry nature of ground poultry and to infuse the not very flavorful chopped poultry with vegetables, by including a slurry of sauteed, pureed onions, carrots and tomato. I was actaully planning to make meat balls out of the mixture but they just fell apart. Thus the massive Mount Meat-o.

Mount Meat-o so big, it is a little terrifying. I will probably pour a sauce of some sort over the whole thing while it heats up for Shabbat. The sauce essentially be a doctored up barbeque sauce.It will form a crust on Mount Meat-o giving the all essential crunch factor and some addiional flavor.

To go along with Mount Meat-o, baked shredded potatoes, a green salad and sliced oranges with a liquor poured over for dessert. But the real center piece of our Shabbat dinner is home baked challa. Yes, it is really, really good.

When I invite guests I usually will ask what they can't eat before I plan out the meal. Two different guests recently said that they don't care what I serve, as long as I serve my challa.


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