Aiding and Abetting

My sewing student often uses fabric that I have on hand, in my stash for the garments that she makes for herself. I have also introduced her to the wonders of Internet fabric shopping.
I thought that it was time that she was introduced to the wonders of the fabric district. We went to both stores managed by Kabbala Man. My student loved hearing the lecture on the Torah portion of the week that was being broadcast  on the store's PA system.
My student found a black sheer knit with a solid stripe. Budding designer that she is, she knew exactly what that fabric needed to be as soon as she set eyes on it ( a sheer over dress to wear over a black slip dress). She wanted two yards but there were three left on the bolt, so my student was introduced to the wonders of bolt end pricing and got three yards for $5.
In the end she spent every penny she brought with her. Her other purchases were a turquoise rayon jersey, a black rayon/poly jersey  for the under-slip for the dress she has designed in her head as well as lots of other garments. My student commented as she decided how much fabric to buy that the black knit was a basic that she could make most of her clothes out of. She also bought  a black striped rayon/poly jersey and a striped rayon in two shades of pink. It has a lovely soft feel. It is the sort of soft fabric you want on your body when you are feeling under the weather. She had already made some garments out of the same fabric in black and grey.
I don't know if I was being mean, but I discouraged her from buying jersey in traffic cone orange. After thinking it over, she came to the conclusion that she really wouldn't get that much use out of the fabric despite the fact that she loved the color. A few spools of thread, some two inch elastic, and some zippers later she was done.
I got some bobbins for my Janome. I'm due back in fabric-land on Monday with my Pattern Review pals, so I didn't buy any fabric, not even the fabric that was calling my name. I actually am a girl who can say no.


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