This piece is now complete, even though the photo shows this wall hanging before it was backed. Yes, this is the chartreuse silk from yesterday, backed with two layers of soft interfacing. I calligraphed the letters using fabric dyes mixed with acrylic paints and powdered artists gold. the little designs are stamped on. The border is a pieced silk shantung. Inside the piece ia some wool to give the piece a little loft. I added a little sleeve of purple shantung to the top so a dowl can be slipped through anf the piece can be easily hung on a wall.

The text reads " Justice, justice shall you pursue." This wall hanging is a birthday gift for my client's father. He loves purple and green.

Yes, the challa cover has the same border as the wall hanging. The recipient loves purple and reds and pink. I may add pink beads to the corners when I'm done. I'm waiting for the Dedication text for the back before I continue with backing the piece.

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  1. I absolutely love your work and always looks forward to seeing new pieces. Absolutely lovely as always, and I love getting to hear the stories behind them as well. You are truly an artist


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