Plugging away

So Deborah did love the black kippah I had made her. Unfortunately, it was a bit too small. I had no more of the wonderful black textured fabric. I did have a plain black silk. I thought that the silk satin would be improved with more texture. So I began quilting diagonal lines a presser-foot's width apart creating a gid of squished diamonds along the entire strip of 45" x7 " inch piece of fabric.

I kept thinking as I worked on thins that my daughter would take one look at this and say,  "Having an OCD day, Mama? ". Not exactly. I find doing this sort of work alternatively irritatingly boring and oddly soothing. You may think to ask why I chose such a labor intensive way of adding texture. I wonder myself. Actually, I think that this Chanel-bag like quilting will suit Deborah well. Deborah is one of those women, who even if she wore a tie dye t-shirt and a tiered peasant skirt would look like she stepped out of a Brooks Brother's ad. This quilting will suit her.

So to keep my self from killing myself as I work, I am alternating work on the kippah on work on the wings tallit. I cut away various layers of the metallic/silk organza. A different sort of obsessive work. One of the other reasons that I was doing the quilting is that I was buying time, trying to figure out the best way to proceed with the wings.

I found the large spool of ivory colored embroidery thread. I have been playing with the width and the density of the stitches. The lack of regularity makes the feathers look a bit more naturalistic. As, always, the work looks like a bit of a mess while in progress, but will look lovely when done.

I also cut the charmeuse for the tallit to size. What delicious silk. This tallit will feel so wonderful on.


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