A kippah for Deborah

whose daughter is having a Bat-Mitzvah in a couple of weeks. Deborah's daughter was part of last year's tallit making workshop . We tied the tzitzit this afternoon. It was lovely and sweet.

Deborah wanted her daughter to have a kippah that went with her tallit. I made one that worked, and even fit nicely. It looked beautiful with her long wavy light brown hair. When Deborah's daughter was little, she had blond ringlets. I remember my youngest son dancing next to her at children's services when he was about four, while trying desperately to get one of those beautiful curls into his mouth. He failed.

Today Deborah realized that she wanted a kippah as well. She wanted it to coordinate with what she would be wearing, a black skirt and an "elderberry" jacket. I'm not exactly sure what that color is, but assume that it is somewhere in the red to purple spectrum. This kippah can work with colors ranging from brown into purple or red.

The base of the kippah is the same textured black fabric that I had used for my elegant cousin's jacket. I used my husband's Bukharin kippah as a model. Then, I cut bias strips of two different tie-silks. I sewed them into tubes and then braided them along with copper metallic cording. I hand stitched the braid to the kippah. I then added beads to catch the light. I hope that Deborah will be happy.


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