I'm not quite sure if I am actually done or need to add a bit more to this piece.  There is a layer of fuseable interfacing inside giving the piece a bit of heft.  I had made several attempts to do the dedication, ( which is on the back ) printing the text on to treated fabric which one runs through the computer printer.

I wasted two days on that. The lay out was lovely, but my printer has decided to take a vacation. Instead, I calligraphed the dedication onto pink shantung. The honoree loves pink. It looks good.

The striped border is made out of silk from a fancy tie manufacturer. The color reads as a stronger lavendar than the photo shows, trust me. My camera has trouble understanding what to do with shine. Unfortunately, shine and sheen are a constant element in my work. Trust me, this looks prettier in real life.

I may get a bit obsessive and re -do the binding to get the piece to lie a bit flatter.

Re-reading one of my 1940's sewing books a few days ago, helped me to finally understand how to get a pretty mitered corner. The method makes no intuitive sense but it works.

So, I wonder if I should add beaded tassels to the corners. Any opinions???


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