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One of two wings for a tallit, made of 4 layers of metallic/ silk organza. Colors are created by cutting away layers of fabric. I know, it still looks wonky but it will look beautiful on the cream colored charmeuse that it is destined for. Due by the end of January.
This will be a base for a wall hanging. I know, a really bright, acidic green. This piece needs to be done by Friday. Why is no work done yet? Because I just got the job yesterday evening. Why am I using the scarf that my sister in law just gave me? Because my client told me that the recipient loves "Van Gogh colors", the piece needs to be bright green and bright purple, "iris colors". This is the only bit of bright green in the house. Why did I accept the job? Because the person who asked is a good friend, even though she isn't so good at planning ahead.What we do for love.

This will be a challa cover. It is a presentation piece for someone who is being honored for running a nursery school for many years. For those of you who read Hebrew and are obsessive followers of this blog, Yes, it is the same text that I used for Raya's challa cover, it is the candle lighting prayer asking for good children.

The oddest thing for me about this piece is that I first met the honoree when I moved to New York in 1982. The honoree was a kid in the after school program where I was a teacher. granted, she was one of the big kids, too old for my class, but still, it is hard to think of a ten year old being honored for running a preschool for many years.

The honoree loves purple and pink. I plan to cut up a pink silk dress for the pink element. This project too has a very fast turn around time, so I need to use what I have on hand.

There are other pieces on deck as well, and a Torah reading to perfect so I don't sound like a fool on Shabbat. Time to get to work.

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