What I do on Friday when I don't have to cook

Our friend Michelle invited us for dinner. I didn't have to get up early and so didn't get out of bed until 10:00 am !!!!. I am usually out of bed by 5:40 am so I really loved the luxury of sleeping late.

We have two couches in our living room. I had covered one with a mix of red upholstery fabrics. Our green couch has boxed cushions and is a bit more complicated to do nicely. I had covered two of the cushions in a reasonable manner. The third was a mess. we hare having guests spending several days next week so I too advantage of today and made a new cushion cover for the center pillow. The boxing strip fabric comes from P+S, downtown. The beautiful chenille comes from http://www.fabricguru.com/. Clearly not an exact match, but it all works together. When I get braver I will tackle the back cushions of the couch.

The hardest part was getting the cover on the cushion. It makes my hands feel old and sore.

I also discovered why my serger has been wonky for all of these months. I totally mis-threaded it. I take back any mean thoughts that I have been harboring about my serger. The serger was fine. This was a case of operator error.


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