an odd moment in New York

My husband and I subscribe to a paper the house organization, which means that we have the opportunity to see Broadway and Off- Broadway shows at less than the cost to going to a movie matinee.

Last Friday there was a though provoking article in the Wall Street Journal about a new play, "In the Next Room, The Vibrator Play". So when I got an email yeasterday, that tickets were available for last night, I reserved two.

I got to the theatre before my husband did. As I was waiting , as always, I crowd watched. The audience was clearly a local crowd, with very few, if any tourists. I was standing next to the poster advertising the show. After a while I noticed a man in his early 80's , wearing a clerical collar, seriously studying the poster. I mused if his liturgical presence would make audience members uncomfortable, or if he would be uncomfortable with the topic of the show.

After several minutes, a man about 30 years younger, greeted the man with the clerical collar with a big kiss on the lips. The the two then walked in to the theatre together.


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