fruits of my adventure with Elizabeth

Last Wednesday I got together with my friend Elizabeth, who I met through Elizabeth has a much more precise and careful approach to sewing than I do. It's always nice to share ideas and to run around in the fabric district with a fellow sewer.

We had planned to meet at Greenberg and Hammer. Both of us had notions-ey purchases to make and since we were showing up form different directions it's comfortable place to poke around while waiting for a friend to show up.

I got there a bit early and was looking through the latest issue of Threads magazine which had an article about working with rectangular godets. Elizabeth showed up and we both bought interfacings for different projects, needles and threads. Elizabeth also needed some zippers. It's a nice place for poking a round with nice staff who can also walk you through the intricacies of different sorts of interfacing.

Most of the folks at love shopping at Metro Textile. I had never been. Elizabeth took me to metro. Metro is run by Kashi who came to the states from Iran after the Revolution. The store is run a bit differently than most of the other stores in the district. You tell Kashi what you are looking for , and then he brings you a bolt, or a selection of bolts that he thinks might strike your fancy.

His range of fabrics is pretty wide. He carries a wider quality range than Kaballa Man, with more high end fabrics than Kabbala Man carries. I'm not in dire need of fabrics so I tend not to buy unless I need it for a client or the price is amazing.

Kashi had several bolts of cool looking Missoni-like fabric. I loved it, but really didn't need it at $6.00 a yard. I did want come of the drapey grey jersey. i have a Norma Kamali skirt int he same fabric. It will be nice to make a top to match.

I was about to make my final decisions, when I found the remnant bin. I found some luscious suedes and a length of that Missoni fabric, for $2. I bought it along with a lurex knit.

Elizabeth had some good ideas about how to lay out the dress, and today I made it. The rectangular godet was sparked by the look in the Threads Magazine. The dress feels very much like a memento of a fun day in the garment district.


  1. Sarah, your dress is wonderful and I can't wait to see it in person! You are amazing to have made it already--guess who has only cut out and fused her shoulderbag, nervously measuring everything twice?--and while it seems obvious in retrospect to have made use of the rectangular godets, it honestly did not occur to me until you actually did it. Looks perfect, especially with that fabric. Here's to more adventures!

  2. That's sounds like a wonderful day. Pretty dress, Sarah.


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