Spanish Golden age Challa cover

One of the advantages of working with a stencil is that I can make a series of variations of a piece. I made four variations on this challa cover, at least of the center element of the challa cover. I called my client and had her select the one she liked best. There was no contest. She liked the beaded ones I had done on the sage green, but loved the blue grey.

I bordered the piece with purple pieced silk shantung that I had purchased on sale at Their prices are so reasonable, I will often stock up on fabrics that seem interesting, even if I have no immediate use for them.

The purple picked up on the purples I had used in the stencil. I covered the seam with a utility stitch done in a gold thread. I love that it is both structural and decorative.

The challa cover is being picked up this evening. i hope the bride is happy with her gift.


  1. LOL! I bought exactly the same piece of purple silk at fabricmart for my stash. Lois C.


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