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This fabric was an impulse purchase at Kabbala Man's. It is a soft drapey knit with a bit of a nap. Kabbala man claims that it is a cotton. It feels like it might be a rayon /cotton blend. I loved the early 1970's vibe that this fabric has. I bought two yards. It has a cozy feel.

So what do you think I ought to make out of this fabric? Let me know. Post your suggestion in the comments section. In addition to letting me know the type of garment, ( skirt, jacket etc.) also describe the style of garment so I have a clear idea of what you think would work best with this fabric.



  1. For you, a wrap empire, 3/4 sleeve, knee-length dress. Or, how about a version of the dress you created with the dark insert around the waist, only this time with navy or brown? Say, are you still working with the teen designer sewing student? Wonder what she'd do with this fabric?
    Joyce Ireland, jagireland@sbcglobal.net

  2. Since you say it feels cozy, I think perhaps a wrap dress sort of thing which can also be used for a long cardigan effect over something like a turtle neck and leggings or thick tights (and cowboy boots?) in the winter.

    I like the empire waist idea, too.

    mind you don't get a big circle from the pattern going on over the bosums!

    Sandy in the UK

    I think you are brave. I run from stuff like this, but then admire what people like you manage to make with it!

  3. I like what drapes do to large prints like this... what about a top with a drapey cowl type neckline?

  4. I appreciate these suggestions. i realize that if I want to avoid the headlights on the bosom look--actually I draped the fabric on me..and realized that you can have all sorts of odd headlights effects, I can make myselrf look truly weirdly lopsided if I chosse to.

    I realize that if I gather the bodice then it will lessen the strange healight effect.


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