A bat mitzvah gift

Our dear buddy Bill's daughter is celebrating her Bat- Mitzvah this weekend. We are going to Philadelphia to be part of the event. Some b'nai mitzvah reach the day at a high point of spirituality. Meira, at this moment in her life is feeling ambivalent about the Jewish stuff. It seemed unfair to give her a gift that would give her no pleasure.

So, instead of giving her a piece of Judaica, I made her a pearl necklace and ear rings. I also made a bag to contain the gift. The bag is a light blue grey silk shantung. I used the pretty diamond stitch on my machine and used regular sewing thread to embroider the diamond motif. The organza ribbon comes from a piece I made about five years ago.
Here are the pearls and the gift card that I placed in the bag. For those of you who can't read Hebrew, the border around Meira's name, is her name in Hebrew, all done in pen and ink and with the addition of watercolor.


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