Psalm 104

I love Psalm 104. The language is gorgeous. The imagery evoked by the text is beautiful as well. The Psalm is recited on Shabbat afternoons. It is also recited on Rosh Chodesh, at the New Moon. By the time you get to saying the Psalm, you have already added the special blessing for the New Moon, have done halles, the Psalms of praise, done a Torah reading and done the additional service one does for the New Moon.

Services, instead of taking 40- 45 minutes are edging towards the hour mark. By the time you get to reciting Psalm 104, you are no longer in the mood for lovely text. You want to get out of services and get home, or go to work, get on with your day.

I love the Psalm 104 tallit. It is working out to be a beautiful thing...but I feel like I do on Rosh Chodesh and it is about time to start reciting Psalm 104. My serger is being cranky, and at the moment, so am I...then end is near, and like reciting Psalm 104, I am driving fast past some of the best stuff in the book.


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