More work on Hannah's atara

Sometimes a bit of obsessiveness is a good thing. I had decided yesterday that just having the verbs from the paragraph that is the biblicalsource for the commandment of Tzitzit/ritual fringes wasn't enough. so I added vines to the center square .

Then I fused fleece to more of the same blue/purple silk shantung, stitched the squares, richt sides tugether, and turned them right side out. Yes they looked cute. But they could look cuter. I quilted around both the perimeter and around the inside border of the letters. I realised that the whole thing would be yet cuter, if I just stitched the squares in the middle so the squares would be somewhat free floating.

Further cuteness could be achieved if I stiched the center with a beaded flower. It's good my daughter is in China so she couldn't come home and say, " Too much time on your hands, Mama???". It isn't an issue of that at all, but rather more of a case of one idea leading to the next. That and the fact that the more i like a client, the more good stuff I think of throwing in.

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