Ironing day

I'm awaiting a piece of terrible news. I know that it is coming. It is just a question of when. I'm dealing with my anxiety by ironing.

The holiday season has provided me with lots of raw material for this anxiety reduction behavior.

The cloths I ironed are from top to bottom:
60 x 70 inch 1930's cotton cloth owned by my husband's grandfather

52 x 70 inch 1950's open weave linen owned by my mother

52 x 70 inch heavy Belgian linen embroidered cloth, embroidered by "Grandma Rose" my cousin's mother in law. I think it was made in the 1970's based on the colors used.

60 x 60 Indian cotton block printed cloth purchased at B. Altman, probably in the 1960's. I inherited this cloth when my friend's mother moved into assisted living.

52 x70 linen Vera printed cloth, probably from the late 1960's

45 x 45 hand embroidered cotton rayon mix. Another Grandma Rose cloth.

60 x 84 Ikea cotton. I made this cloth last year. I think of it as Marimekko on a budget.

52 x 70 cotton denim cloth. Made from fabric I purchased about ten years ago. This is an every day kitchen cloth. It gets heavy use.

I was in the middle of ironing a 60 x 120 linen cloth , but I ran out of spray starch.


  1. I'm sorry Sarah... I am sending thoughts of strength and heart's ease your way.


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