from the library of Rabbi David Jacobs

In helping to clean out my parent's basement, and my father's study, we came across this book. Actually this is the back of the book. the book itself is a linear translation of the Book of Numbers
for schoolchildren. it is translated into Yiddish. The book was published by Joseph Magil in 1899 in Philadelphia. This is a 1922 reprint of the book.
The back page is an ad for Joseph Magil's Printing and Book Store. My Yiddish isn't very good but I know enough to figure out this ad.
He is selling books. He is tallit tallitot in a wide range of sizes and prices. he also sells tallit bags and tzitzit.
He imports books from the great printing centers in Europe, from Vilna, Warsaw, Lemberg and Vienna. He imports bibles, and prayerbooks , Rabbinical discourses and Kabbalistic works.
Mr. Magil also will do any printing job in Hebrew, English or yiddish. he will print forms, letterheads, envelopes and cards.
I loved that in Yiddish he writes his name in it's full European form, Magilnitzky. In English it is in it's truncated American form.. On the cover his name is written Magilnitzky.
I don't know how my father ended up with this book. But I can see why he kept it. It's a goof. Maybe I can use the book to learn Yiddish.


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