more end of an era....

We just got back from Quincy. It feels like I am now keeper of the textiles. My mother gave me treasures from her trove of table cloths. She also gave me the dresses that were embroidered for her in Jerusalem in 1970. I will begin posting photos of my mother's treasures.

I know that for some people, a table cloth is just a table cloth. For my mother, they were talismanic. Each one a symbol of being a certain kind of a lady who knew how to set a table well, a woman who knew how to present a lovely and gracious dinner.

My daughter who is spending the fall in Harbin got my mother's fur coat that was made for my mother in preparation for her spending winters in Halifax.

It feels sad leaving the house I grew up in, and soon having two of my kids going away for long periouds of time.


  1. It seems there are many changes in your life right now. I'm sure you will miss your children, I know I miss my oldest. It gets easier, I promise.

    Really looking forward to seeing the table cloths. I love them, especially ones with history.


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