new machine

So here it is, my new Janome11590. The model number is included for those of you who care about such things. Yes this machine is also sold with a Kenmore nameplate. If you really want to know which Kenmore model number this is, you can visit If you want to buy this very model, I got it at

I am of mixed mind about the many stitches. On the one hand, many of them are seriously adorable. Many of them are even useful. I just edged a black tallit with the checkerboard stitch in back on black silk. It is truly elegant. I also used the diamond stitch in gold to attach the atara/neckband to the tallit. That is quite elegant.
The dark side of these fabulous stitches is that they are a bit distracting. I am afraid that I might end up playing with stitches, rather than actually working. It can end up being the sewing equivalent of seeing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I know that lots of people have machines with many more stitches.
My general rule of thumb is to get a basic machine that runs well. This does run well. hopefully I won't be too distracted by the cute stitches.


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