End of an era

Today my family and I go to my mother's house to help her pack up and move to an apartment. My parents moved into the house in the summer of 1957.
The Postcard images are from before I was born, but this is what down town , or the square , as we called it looked when I wa a little kid, before more efficient traffic patterns were instituted.
Our house was a ten minute walk from the square. When we were little, the trek to the library felt long. Summers, we used to stop off at the Waldorf Cafeteria, on Hancock street, now part of the train starion parking lot, for a drink of water.


  1. Sarah, I have also helped close the house I grew up in, so I certain understand what you are going through. But lots of happy memories will always be with you. As for those postcard pictures of Quincy, the buildings have changed somewhat but these scenes are still recognizable. Is your mother still in Quincy?

  2. marilyn-

    I love those postcards...the joys of Google image search! too bad I couldn't find a picture of the "Bargain Center".

    My mother is scheduled to move after Labor Day.


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