So what are the chances of this happening???

The foot pedal on my reliable Pfaff bit the dust. I ordered a new pedal and cord from a lovely sew and vac place in California. because work still needs done, I pulled out my sister's circa 1973 Kenmore sewing machine.

After three days, the foot pedal on my sister's machine bit the dust as well. How's that for weird. The Kenmore hasn't been used regularly in nearly 20 years, although I have had it tuned up and cleaned. It actually did work well for three days.

I am not a happy camper.

I called the lovely sew and vac people in California. My new pedal will be here by next week.


  1. Oh no! I'm just wondering how you knew it was the pedal?

  2. Well, the machine lit up when turned on but nopthing happens when you press on the foot pedal. There is no motor struggling noise to make me think that it is a problem with the motor.

    It seems that broken wires - in the wire that goes to the pedal, is the problem with both machines.


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