Old shul tallit -fini

My client came to pick up the "old shul" tallit. As she examined the velvet corner pieces, my client laughed and asked if I had been in her childhood synagogue in Dayton.

Sometimes what a client wants is a sensibility in the finished object, something that is hard to put into words. What I need is a key to understand what that feeling is. Luckily, I was able to understand what "old shul" meant to her.

Old dusty synagogues that have fallen on hard times often have a sense of a bit all of the poeple who have sat in those seats and remains of their prayers settling into the dust that emerges as you bat at the faded velvet cushions.

My own synagogue, now beautiful and renovated, for a very long time had that sense of ghosts from the past hanging around.

I tried to find images of the interior of by client's childhood synagogue, unfortunately, google couldn't find any for me. So if you want to get the old shul sensibility, find a synagogue built before WWII., If you can find one build pre WWI, so much the better. If it hasn't been renovated in a long time, then you have hit the jackpot. take a seat in the back when it isn't fully lit and soak in the atmosphere among the tattered prayer books. That, is "old shul".

I'm glad my client is happy.

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