Don't try this at home boys and girls

Like every self respecting parent, I scour the photo pages my son's camp sets up for parents, for photos of my son. I had noticed that my son was photographed sans glasses in each of the photos. Having been a mom for a while, I deduced that either the glasses were lost, or they were broken.

When we saw our son on Sunday, my first question was " So what's with the glasses? Lost or broken?" The glasses were not lost. But my son had left them on the ground and a fellow camper had stepped on them. They were badly bent( Do you mean to say that the ground is NOT a good location for glasses???)

We then planned to visit the optometrist to see if the glasses were salvageable.

As I was loading the wash from the washing machine and into the dryer, I saw a something truly terrifying, my son's glasses case. Yes, his glasses were inside. The lenses had a bit of a soap film on them, but they looked intact.

My son tried them on. They were no longer bent. The spin cycle seemed to have repaired the damage. Like I said...don't try this at home.


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