domestic, but not sewing

We picked up our youngest from his first session in camp yesterday, Sunday. He goes back on Thursday to the same camp. This means that I get to spend the next few days doing laundry like a mad housewife.

His delightful camp sits in a swampy corner of New York State. The kids have a wonderful time, I can't say enough nice things about his camp, but all of their clothing very quickly becomes repulsive. As soon as my son gets home, I start washing everything on the "superwash" cycle of my machine. As soon as the clothes are washed, dried and folded, my son repacks his duffel bags.

My sister insists that camps give kids leg vitamins. My son noticed that he is now as tall as the fridge. This is a new development. I just measured the fridge, it is 5 ft 3.25 inches. From the looks of this photo, my son is now 5 ft 4 inches tall. He may now be taller than his sister. My poor daughter is now the shortest member of our family. A bitter pill for an oldest child to swallow.

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