Chickens coming home to roost

The woman I making the Psalm 104 tallit is a repeat client. I had made her this tallit bag a long time ago. I remember working with my client, but I had no recollection of the bag itself.

Yesterday she sent me photos of the bag. I had zero recollection of it. Yet, I have fond memories of the fabrics. Those I remember well. I am more than a little astounded at the amount of labor that I put into the bag. The bag is a riot of embellishment techniques. I see lots of applique and reverse applique, not to mention the beading. I also see the distinct influence of Bird Ross. I think I had seen an article by her in Threads magazine ad was blown away by her work ( that's the reason for all of those nifty squares at the edges of the piece). I see that the bindings were hand dyed.
I think that visually my work is more sedate these days. I don't know if that is always a good thing.
I am self taught. At the point that I made that bag, I was really confidant in my skills in embellishing fabric -- stuff many folks see as advanced techniques. The basics were still a struggle for me at that point. I made sure that the wild stuff made up for any shortcomings in my technique. Since the bag has lasted so nicely, I guess my basic skills weren't all that lacking.


  1. That's a lovely bag. Interesting play of colors.

  2. Thanks! I think that the base is less grey than in the photo.. it was a shot silk with purple and perhaps green .


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