Some New Yorkers do wear pink

Today as I was making the summer stuff in my closet more accessible I realized that magenta is my go-to color in the summer. I actually find that very odd. Because if you asked me my general opinion about wearing pink I would tell you "Yuk! I am not a pink sort of a girl."

I think that it might be having grown up just outside of Boston where that Lily Pulitzer aesthetic runs deep. Winters on the New England coast are just so dreary that you need to wear screamingly bright colors in the summer to make up for it.

The newest addition to my wardrobe certainly follows in the screamingly bright colors for summer tradition. It is made out of a cotton /lycra from the 1.95 page. It had my name written all over it. The waistband is a cotton interlock in deep purple from the same page. I like how the contrasting band gives me a pretend waist.

Obsessive followers of this blog may notice a distinct resemblance to this dress. Yes I copied it with some slight adjustments. I made the waist band a bit narrower, because it is actually too wide in the aqua lace print dress and I need to smush the waistband together to make the dress wearable.

So far the neck and armholes on the magenta dress are simply serged. I may do a nice finish at some other point.
My older son's high school graduation is tomorrow. My mother's 80th birthday party is on Sunday. The dress will be worn on either one of those auspicious occasions.
And if you are dying to read more of my writing, I have posted an entry here,


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