a new store in my neighborhood

A store front that for several years was a ten dollar store has changed hands a couple of times in the past year and a half or so. After the ten dollar store was shuttered, it was briefly a store that sold clothing that looked like ten dollar store clothing, but sold for about twice the price.

Given the fact that one could purchase the same garments for $10 a couple of blocks uptown, not surprisingly, that store quickly went under.

There is now a new tenant in that storefront. I went in for the first time today. They certainly carry a surprising array of goods. The goods are set out in large cardboard cartons with hand lettered signs with the prices. Today they were selling, boy's pajama pants, Women's bras, men's bathing suits, dress pants for fat men, shower curtain, tab top curtains and packages of color coordinated wash cloths sold by the dozen.

I wonder how long it will take before this store goes under.


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