eat like a cave man

My youngest, like the grandfather he so resembles, does not eat much or care very much about food. So when on Shabbat he began to speak longingly about a meal I had made last year of beef ribs, I decided to make them again for his last dinner before camp.

I had a funeral to go to yesterday morning. The funeral home is right near our local kosher butcher shop. Right after the funeral I went to buy my boy the ribs.

After I brought home the rack of ribs, I cut them apart and marinated them in barbecue sauce for a couple of hours. my older son made a big salad and I baked those ribs.

We sat down to eat that meal. I have never seen my younger son take so much pleasure in eating anything that wasn't dessert. By then end of the meal it looked as if we were a group of cave men.

It was lovely to discover something that my boy loves to eat. I hope he has a good time in camp.


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