Why I haven't been posting

It's Passover. This is what is currently on my pantry shelves. Last Monday I got my house all kashered for Passover, got a bus to Philadelphia and got our pal Bill's house ready for Passover.

We shopped Monday night at the giant kosher for Passover department at the Acme Supermarket in Bala Cynwyd along with Bill's kids.

Tuesday I began my marathon Passover cook fest. Bill's kitchen is not all that well equipped but Tuesday I made, chicken soup, matza balls, 4 chickens, a carrot kugel, hand chopped charoset, and hand grated horseradish ,quinoa, a potato kugel and my first ever passover cake - a chocolate cake and meals for the kids.

Wednesday I made, three more chickens, meat balls, an orange cake , chocolate sauce for the orange cake, cole slaw, 6 lbs of tilapia and the pesto sauce that went on the tilapia, and fruited quinoa..and meals for the kids. Wednesday late afternoon, the rest of my family showed up and we did seder with Bill and other friends. Before we left Philly today I made a matza lasagna and two matches of matza muffins for Bill and the kids so they can have something other than just gefilte fish to eat for the rest of the holiday.

I felt like an Olympic athlete of Passover cookery. I was pulling of great dishes with insufficient equipment ( was carving the chickens with a paring knife) and with out the correct ingredients. I improvised everything. We got back this evening... to a house with no fresh food. After a quick trip to the supermarket and then a flurry of cooking for us. Dinner was cheese pancakes, kale, spaghetti squash and matza pizza for my youngest. it feels easy to only be cooking for 4 and not for the crowds that I was feeding

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  1. Wow, Sarah, that's a lot of cooking. Some of the best dished I've made on the fly were prepared at a dear friends house with few ingredients and little equipment.

    I learn something new with each post of yours. Although I surmised what "kashered" meant from the text I had to look it up for the details. I used to spend seder with a good friend when I lived in So. Florida. I loved the charoset, which tickled them of course.

  2. The Charoset was good this year, but not amazing. I think that fresh gi9nger would have improved it as would have california Apricots. i did however love the hand chopped texture, so much better than made in a food processor...here is the recipie - no amounts for the ingredients...that you have to figure out on your own.

    apples - including some granny smith
    california apricots( sour drtied apricots)
    fresh ginger
    sweet Kosher wine

    chop into a chunky paste...best if done by hand


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