My youngest shaved for the first time. Instruction was provided by his older brother. I love how my youngest can turn to his older brother for sound advice and instruction. My older son just inherited one of my father's shavers. he passed the gentler, easier on tender skin shaver to his younger brother.

Minus the shadow of fuzz, my youngest actually looks younger. But he feels much more grown up.

And now on to the last days of Passover. Today I made something that my kids adored, Cheese Pan Cakes. Basically it is cottage cheese, yogurt, an egg, some matza mael to bond it together, a bit of sugar, vanilla, a dash of salt and a bit of sugar and some fresh orange peel. The glop gets fried up in a frying pan in small pancake in silver dollar sized blobs.

Passover is hard on my bread loving boys. I'm glad to be able to make them something that makes them happy.


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