retail therapy--my way

The Bar Mitzvah is over. I wanted to reward myself for all of the hard work that went into pulling off the event. http://www.fabricmartfabrics/. was having a 20% off sale. I bought a knit fabric bundle. You don't get to choose the fabrics that you get in exchange for getting the fabrics at a terrific price, even before you figure in the discount. I'm willing to take a gamble.

This lace printed jersey is probably not something that I would choose on my own. That is actually one of the great things about those Fabricmart bundles. For me, the bundles are like one of those cooking shows where you get a random selection of ingredients and have to make a complete meal out of them. Occasionally I have hated one or two of the selections in my bundles. More often than not, I end up making my favorite clothes out of fabric that I never would have chosen on my own.

I loved the feel of the lace printed fabric. However the both the print and the color seemed very much not like something I would ever choose. But I realized that if I edged it in black it could work for me. I decided to add a black waistband piece in addition to the neckline and arm hole binding. The completed dress has a much more va va va voom vibe that I had intended. making a dress like this on the serger is a real instant gratification sort of an experience. I think that the vintage clothing sites would call this a wiggle dress. When I wear it, I can pretend that I am an extra in Mad Men. It seems like a good dress to wear into the spring. I had intended it to be a wear around the house sort of a dress, but it seems to have wanted to be come a dressy dress.


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