a miracle, and a moment of vanity

Usually, when my photo is taken I am awash in a sea of double chins, or my face is really shiny, not cute and glowy but as if I just finished running a marathon, or my mouth is doing something really weird.

This isn't just my neurosis shining through, but it is something my husband is quick to admit as well. He, on the other hand is hugely photogenic.

Our friends Renee and Jack got married a few weeks ago. It was a second wedding for both and was just a blast with tons of very sweet grandchildren walking down the aisle and tossing rose petals. ( and a belly dancer as a nod to Renee's Sephardic heritage. )

This photo was taken at their wedding. This is probably the best photo taken of me---ever. This is a less than ideal photo of my sweet husband, but there are thousands of photos of him out in the universe looking fabulous.

The dress is one I made last year out of crinkled rayon purchased from Kabbala man on 35th street. The bodice is based on a Kwik- Sew night gown pattern. It is lined with a vintage cotton kettle cloth table cloth from the early 1960's. I made a wide waistband out of a corded bronze rayon, the skirt is a circle skirt edged with a 2 inch circular ruffle. The dress is fun to dance in.

My necklace was made out of a collection of broken necklaces that all seemed to work together. It weighs a ton, but looks terrific.

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  1. Like you Sarah, I hardly ever seem to take a good photograph. My face is too mobile, too expressive, and caught in a still shot I'm always looking goofy!
    That is a very nice photo. Very nice indeed.


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